Frequently Asked Questions

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Fabric Information

Ecopak™ fabric from Challenge Sailcloth is the first 100% recycled pack fabric in the world. It is durable, super lightweight, waterproof, made from 100% recycled polyester and one of the most awesome fabrics we have found.


Besides looking great, super abrasion resistance and being water proof, Ecopak™ is environmentally responsible:

  • The DWR is CO with no fluorocarbons
  • The adhesive contains no solvents or VOC's
  • Uses over 20 plastic bottles per yard, reduces CO2 emissions by over 1 lb./yd
  • Recyclable after use

We use a variety of Ecopak™ fabrics in our products. The denier of the fabric on our site is represented by 70, 200 and 400. The higher the number, the more heavy duty it is.


Ecopak™ is a trademark of Challenge Sailcloth

Bio-Based Dyneema® Composite Fabric (DCF) and formerly known as Cuban Fiber is a patented: high-strength, high-performance, non-woven, laminated and reinforced with Dyneema® fibers material. 


"Mass balance accounting is a well-known approach that has been designed to trace the flow of materials through a complex value chain. The mass balance approach provides a set of rules for how to allocate the bio-based content to different products to be able to claim and market the contents as 'bio'-based."

-Above exerpt taken from the Bio-Based Dyneema® Media Kit


It is constructed from a thin sheet of ultra-high-molecular weight polyethylene that is layered between two sheets of polyester. 


DCF is known for its high-tensile strength where lower weight is desired. The fabric is lightweight, flexible and waterproof.  


The weight is described in ounces per square yard. The higher the number, the heavier weight and heavier duty the fabric is. 


We use different weight Dyneema® Composite Fabrics based on the product use.



Dyneema® is a trademark of DSM

Dyneema® Composite Fabric will develop wrinkle lines with use similar to the look of waxed canvas. This is normal. 

Some weights of the fabric may also have darker lines in the coloring. This is due to the manufacturing process and is quite normal.

Dyneema® is a trademark of DSM

Ecopak™ & Dyneema® Fabric Gear

Basic Care Instructions

  • Avoid punctures and abrasive particles
  • Always repair punctures immediately
  • Do not use any chemicals on fabric, including: pesticides, sun screen...
  • Follow gear guidelines, such as: weight capacities, intended use, how-to-use...misuse could void your warranty.

Cleaning Instructions

Cleaning your gear increases its life span. Spot clean as needed.

  1. Fill tub or bin with warm (never hot) water
  2. Add a mild detergent
  3. Agitate gear in soapy water. Sponge wipe heavily soiled areas
  4. Rinse thoroughly
  5. Hang dry away from heat source. Never put in dryer


Part of maintaining your gear is cleaning. Never store your gear wet or dirty!

  • Always store your gear clean and completely dry
  • Store in a dark, dry space. Avoiding heat sources


Our Free Range packs are made from a waterproof fabric and are highly weatherproof. However, due to how we craft our packs, we bind the seams. Water may seep in in these locations.

We strongly recommend using a pack liner to keep the items in your pack dry! Luckily, we include an ultralight Nylofume® pack liner with every Free Range pack.

Packpacks & Fanny Packs

Please learn how to Measure your Pack Size  

We carry in-stock products and make custom products in a variety of torso and waist sizes. 

But we know that everybody is different, and not one-size-fits-all. If you don't see your torso or waist size in our packs or fanny packs, please Contact Us for custom sizing.

Product Terminology

Lead time is the length of time from when you place your order to when the item is shipped. Our custom made packs like the Free Range will have lead times and is posted on the product page. This is because we custom build and make your pack to your specifications, and that takes time!

Lead times are subject to change without notice.


Currently, we do not ship outside of Canada.