Who Are We?

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We are Canadian, Eh!

Terrain UL is a kick-ass female-hiker-mom-owned and founded small cottage business in Western Québec, Canada.

Born out of a love of backpacking, and a lack of ultralight gear available in Canada, we took our mad sewing skills to the next level to handcraft our ultralight and ultra-awesome: backpacks, fanny packs, bear bags, stuff sacks and more!

Did we mention they are made right here in Canada, Eh?

Our love of backpacking and the outdoors is something that we want to share! Let us help you be better to your body by lightening up your pack load - so you can explore more kilometres on the trail.

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Community Connection

Terrain UL believes that we need to be the change we want to see in the world.

We are dedicated to our local and outdoor communities through fundraising, volunteer and awareness projects.

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Committed to the environment

How are we committed to the environment?

We try to source eco-friendly fabrics for our products. Many of the fabrics we use are manufactured with no harmful chemicals, have low VOC's , are energy efficient to produce .

Some fabrics are made of certified recycled materials, and are recyclable at the end of their lives!

We continue to try to eliminate plastics from our packaging, and are committed to continuing to find ways to minimize our impact.

Our shipping packaging is made from recycled materials, and are fully recyclable.

Photo image of Terrain UL owner Tina Eckerlin, wearing hat outside in sunshine.

About the Owner and Creator

Tina Eckerlin (she/her) is a mom, hiker, and avid outdoors-person.

Her love of the outdoors, and many years of experience in the backcountry led to a journey into ultralight backpacking; and ultimately to the creation of Terrain UL.

Tina is passionate about her community and educating youth about Leave No Trace Principals, bushcraft, outdoor preparedness and safety. She volunteers to better her community as a leader with Girl Guides of Canada, and as a certified AdventureSmart® presenter. She also volunteers in the local high school’s Outdoor Education program, and as a board of directors member and volunteer with Sentiers Wakefield Trails.

She is thrilled to share the ultralight backpacking movement with Canada, and to help others lighten their packs, be kinder to their body and go further.

She hopes to help inspire and empower other women to gain confidence in the backcountry.

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