Measure Your Pack Size

To measure your pack size you need to first measure your torso length. 

Your torso length is not based on your height or your clothing size. It is unique to you and your body.

Torso length is the measurement of distance between the C7 vertebra and the iliac crest. 

It is best to have someone measure this for you. You will need a Tailor's measuring tape or a string and a ruler.


  1. Tilt head forward
  2. Find the bony bump of the C7 vertebra, this is the top of the torso
  3. Place hands on top of hips, at the crease where where you bend side to side
  4. Slide thumbs towards center of back, this is the iliac crest and the bottom of the torso
  5. Measure from the top of torso at the C7 vertebra down to the iliac crest at the bottom of torso keeping the measuring tape or string tightly fitted to the body
  6. This measurement is your torso length.

It is recommended for our Free Range packs that if you are at the higher end of the torso size or between sizes that you order the size down.

For example, if your torso measurement is 17.5 inches, please choose size S/M from the Torso Size Chart below.