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Terrain UL

50' Reflective UltraGlide Bear Line

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Whether you are backpacking or camping, you need to keep your food safe. Never clothesline yourself or struggle to find your bear bag hang in the dark again!
This reflective cord was developed by Lawson Equipment to be:
  • Ultra Strong
  • Ultra Slick
  • Ultra Light
  • Ultra Tough
  • Perfect thickness to prevent rope burn
  • Effortlessly glides and slides over tree limbs, and will not get hung up or damage trees.


*Rock throw bag not included


15 times more abrasion resistant than carbon steel.

Highly reflective! This cord features a double colour fleck of orange which adds a pop of color to the line, and protects the 3M reflective tracer from


Made using Dyneema SK7

3M reflective tracer

After braiding, the line is pre-stretched and polished which makes the surface extra smooth.


Diameter: 2.3mm (3/32")

Weight: 2.0 oz per 50'


How to hang a bear bag

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