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Terrain UL

Titanium Saber Tooth Trowel

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Human waste along trails and at campsites is a real problem. Did you know that most people don't dig a proper cathole? Don't be that guy!

No matter what you call it, we all poop. When nature calls on trail sometimes there is not much time to get off trail and dig a proper cathole. You may have used your trekking pole or other lightweight trowels, in the past, but they rarely dig a deep enough hole in time, and rip up your hand in the process.

  • Lightweight Titanium
  • 45% lighter than steel and 2x stronger than aluminum
  • Easy to use
  • Folded edges are easy on hands
  • Sawtooth digging edges rip through the toughest ground and roots
  • Easy hang carabiner included
  • Sleek design barely takes up pack space


Sawtooth digging edges that can dig through just about anything.

Folded edges to prevent pain and damage to hands for a comfort grip.

Carabiner hang to easily hang from backpack.

Lightweight and ultra durable


Trowel: Titanium

Carabiner: Aluminum Alloy


Weight: 28 grams / 0.99 oz

Weight with bag: 38 grams / 1.34 oz

Length: 206 mm / 8.11 inches

Width: 42 mm / 1.65 inches

Thickness: 0.7 mm / 0.28 inches


Product Origin

Manufactured in China

How To Dig A Cathole

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